How to simplify data protection on Amazon Web Services

Improve performance and optimise your costs, what’s not to like?


Whether you’re in the Fortune 500 or born in the cloud, there’s a high chance your Data Lifecycle Management is done on AWS servers. But how do you go about putting a plan in place?

The way we backup and restore has changed, but customers aren’t always aware that it’s their responsibility to secure their workloads and data in the cloud.

Join Sebastian Straub, N2WS’s “personable IT magician” and Danny Michael, Head of IT at Gett, who promise to share their top tips in a live Regcast. They will explain:

  • What Data Lifecycle Management means in the AWS cloud
  • Why it delivers higher performance, lower storage costs and high availability
  • How Gett simplified AWS data protection with N2WS and saved $100k in the process

Sebastian and Danny are joined by the Reg’s Tim Phillips, who didn’t believe Sebastian’s claims of how quickly N2WS could restore data, and so challenged him to a live demo. Sebastian is either very confident or very foolish. Don’t miss our live Regcast to find out which.

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