Discover and secure all of your attack surface

Think like your enemies to defeat them


You know your attack surface don’t you? You mapped all of it?

Are you sure?

Today, 38% of your business workloads run in cloud environments, you may use hundreds of SaaS applications, and you are connected to subsidiaries and partner networks. Your business has been kept on track in the last month by remote workers, the cloud, and your partners. So now their vulnerabilities are your problem, because those are exactly the routes into your organisation that an attacker will target and exploit.

But how can you map the entire attack surface and prioritise the most important vulnerabilities, when statistics show you are only aware of 70% of it at best, and tools like port scanners pump out lists of IP addresses without any business context or prioritisation?

Rob Gurzeev, CEO of CyCognito joins Tim Phillips to explain how CISOs can:

  • Discover and map their entire attack surface, including subsidiaries and partner IT
  • Find the hidden “shadow risks” that smart hackers exploit
  • Link attack vectors to business context to prioritise the most important actions
  • Manage the organization’s security posture by thinking like an attacker

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