Improving Cybersecurity for Remote Working

13 Recommendations

Published May 2020


What are the security implications of this abrupt change? And which cybersecurity best practices are most critical to make this abrupt change both seamless and secure?

The dependence on emergency remote working will forever be part of most organizations’ cyber resilience strategy - part of the IT and security new normal. If your organization can effectively work from home (WFH), you should feel very fortunate, as many industries largely cannot – such as airlines, hotels, cruise lines, and manufacturing firms – to name a few.

The bottom line is that your IT and security systems should be an enabler of remote working and not an inhibitor. To make working from home more seamless and more secure this eBook provides 13 key recommendations, some of which can be implemented in short order, while others require an evolution of both IT and security strategies and new investments to make happen.

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