IGEL for Healthcare

Achieving Better Patient Outcomes with a Simpler and More Secure End-User Computing Approach

Published May 2020


In healthcare, technology innovation has a direct impact on patient outcomes. Removing friction from clinicians’ daily workflows allows them to help more patients and focus their complete attention on delivering outstanding care. Technology also plays a strategic role in helping healthcare organizations meet the industry’s high standards for patient confidentiality and information protection.

Factors like these have led many healthcare organizations to embrace Remote Desktop Services (RDS) and virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI). Shifting end-user computing resources to centralized data center or cloud environments and reducing endpoint complexity and security exposure is a winning formula for healthcare. Clinicians enjoy a seamless and responsive experience as they roam between points of care; and healthcare IT teams can vastly ease their device management burden and improve their ability to meet strict government and industry regulatory compliance requirements.

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