Top 8 reasons to choose IGEL for remote and mobile workers

Simple, smart, secure access to VDI and DaaS cloud workspaces for remote users

Published May 2020

Work-from-home and remote workers have become commonplace throughout the world. Organizations have learned that offering flexibility in where and how people can work makes them happier and more productive. In addition, during times when the main workplace may become unavailable due to operational or natural disaster reasons, it is sometimes a key requirement to enable people to get their jobs done off-site for business continuity reasons. Virtual Desktop Infrastructure and more recently Desktop as a Service, are commonly used to provide familiar, secure, remote access to corporate desktops and applications to home workers. While organizations can use VDI or DaaS for hosted corporate desktops and applications, concerns around the configuration, management and security of the endpoint can still remain.

IGEL offers IGEL OS, the next-gen edge operating system for cloud workspaces, and the IGEL UMS software for full management and control of IGEL OS-powered user endpoints.

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