API Security in Layers with NGINX & Ping Identity

Live webinar: May 28 | 11am MST | 2pm BST | 11am AEST

Published May 2020

APIs are fast becoming the leading attack vector to breach organizations’ digital infrastructures. Effective protection requires a multifaceted approach, from proper authentication and authorization to API resources, to deep insight into abnormal activities on your APIs.

Join us for this webinar to learn how to properly secure your APIs, audit all activities in a multi datacenter and cloud environment, and how to use AI to sort out good and bad traffic hitting your APIs.

NGINX and Ping Identity are partnering to help you secure your API infrastructure with integrations between NGINX Plus, F5 BIG-IP, PingAccess and PingIntelligence for APIs. Webinar will cover:

  • Key security capabilities available in NGINX API Management module and Ping Identity’s AI powered
  • API security solution to address OWASP API Security top-10 vulnerabilities and beyond
  • How to properly protect access to API resources and track all activities
  • How to identify and mitigate API DDoS attacks
  • How to recognize and block hackers that use valid credential to breach APIs

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