How to Calculate and Drive Business Value from Your Identity and Access Controls

Live webinar: June 23 | 9am PT | 10am MT | 12pm ET

Published May 2020

You're confident there is value in everything IT does to enable employees to get work done from anywhere, anytime, securely. This webinar is for IT executives and professionals who want to pinpoint, measure and articulate the business value you bring to the table, specifically around identity and access management (IAM).

When you invest in IAM for your workforce - championing projects around centralized authentication services, passwordless authentication, fine-grained authorization, intelligent API security, and Zero Trust - you are boosting productivity, security, and agility in specific ways. Using these three drivers as a framework, Ping Identity will empower you to articulate the ways you add business value and estimate how much you add to the bottom line. They'll also walk you through a calculator so you can perform an instant business value assessment and ask our experts your questions live.

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