CrowdStrike Falcon Complete

How to Achieve Instant Cybersecurity Maturity for Organizations of All Sizes

Published May 2020


Organizations today have a wealth of security tools available to them but many struggle to take full advantage of the technology they have. Too often, this results in a damaging breach that could have been avoided if their solutions had been configured and updated properly or if detections had been noticed and acted on. How well your organization is doing at fully implementing its security solutions, particularly endpoint protection technology, is a reflection of your cybersecurity maturity.

This white paper, “CrowdStrike Falcon Complete: How to Achieve Instant Cybersecurity Maturity for Organizations of all Sizes,” explores the challenges organizations face in getting the most out of a security solution. It also offers insights on how CrowdStrike Falcon Complete can raise you to the highest level of endpoint protection with speed and efficiency, regardless of your size and IT resources.

Download this white paper to learn:
• How CrowdStrike’s innovative approach combines industry-leading endpoint protection with hands-on assistance to instantly raise your cybersecurity maturity to the highest levels
• How Falcon Complete functions as a force multiplier, adding the people, processes and technology that can give you a level of protection the largest enterprises enjoy, regardless of your size and resources
• How the Falcon Complete team works to ensure a hands-free experience, delivering optimal protection against advanced threats and ensuring complete peace of mind

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