The rise of digital business and how to succeed

Breaking Barriers and Seizing Opportunities

Published May 2020

Building for a digital future has been a core part of many business leaders’ strategies for quite some time, but with the sheer speed and scale at which digital technology is evolving, these initiatives are often in a state of constant flux. Simply being able to accurately determine the required investment in certain digital technologies, both in financial and educational terms, means that around 73% of businesses Virgin Media surveyed recognise that their digital strategies are still in need of significant development.

This survey represents an invaluable insight into the current mind-set of UK businesses when it comes to embracing digital transformation. Some are already well on the way to achieving their digital ambitions, but equally, with a plethora of new ideas and tools now readily available, many businesses are actively looking for partners who can help them make the right choices and investments as they look to build a brighter digital future.

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