Webcast Slide Deck | Manage Office 365 licences better

Optimize your business, stop bleeding cash

Published June 2020


These slides support a webcast brought to you by The Register and sponsor Quadrotech.

How costly is poor Office 365 license management? We all suspect that we either have too many licenses, or those Office 365 licenses are being underused. Either way, it’s the same problem: we’re wasting money. IT spending will go under the microscope in 2020, and this is a great place to look.

Quadrotech analyzed over 2 million users and found that almost one in five Office 365 licenses is untouched, and for a 10,000 user organization using E3 licenses, that’s an estimated annual saving of $150K. The figures are just as bad for under-used licenses, meaning that a lot of your users aren't getting the benefit of what you bought for them.

So look on the bright side: over-purchasing and underuse are problems that you can fix, starting today. And the place to start is our live Regcast, in which Quadrotech’s Paul Robichaux will be answering your questions and showing Tim Phillips a data-driven approach to:

  • Find out what licenses you have
  • Make sure you only buy the licenses you need
  • … and to use all those licenses you buy

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