How Slack’s own developers use Slack

Best practice in our engineering teams

Published June 2020

You might’ve heard Slack’s origin story: it began life as an internal tool that helped to improve collaboration within a games development company.

Fast-forward to today, and Slack is used by teams all over the world and in every area of business, from marketing and sales to HR and customer support, not to mention engineering teams. It’s a collaboration hub that brings together people, data and applications. And it’s highly adaptive, altering to suit the structures and working styles of all sorts of teams.

To demonstrate the value that Slack brings to teams, it’s often easier to show rather than tell.

As a company with engineering teams of our own looking to realise the full value of Slack in everything they do, we thought it made sense to turn the spotlight on ourselves.

So here’s the story of how Slack’s developers use Slack in their everyday working lives.

Every team is different, so what works for us won’t necessarily work for everyone. But read on for some insights into the ways our engineering teams use Slack.

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