The State of Work

A study by Slack and GlobalWebIndex of 17,000 knowledge workers, managers and executives on the state of work today

Published June 2020

To understand the true state of work, we believe you have to understand the people doing the work (yes, this from a software company).

The Slack State of Work study draws upon the attitudes and experiences of 17,000 knowledge workers, from CEOs to frontline workers, ages 16 to 64. They live in 10 countries, span more than 40 industries, and work for companies of all stages and sizes. To contextualize the data, we conducted in-depth interviews with economists, workplace psychologists and frontline workers.

This report offers a deep dive into our survey results for 3,000 knowledge workers in the United Kingdom. These findings will help you understand the conditions in the UK that engage knowledge workers and drive alignment – and those that do the opposite.

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