Save Money And Time With The Pure Evergreen Storage Program

Pure re-imagines the purchase and upgrade process

Published June 2020


Buying storage has been the bane of many IT departments for decades. The typical process causes customers to rebuy their storage at higher prices every three years. It takes significant time, disrupts production, and is not agile enough to handle today’s ever-changing business environment.

Storage must grow and evolve along with your business. Pure has found a way to extend the storage lifecycle and ensure that you have the freshest technology at a lower TCO than traditional vendors. Evergreen Storage redefines storage from a disposable asset to a real investment, something that you pay for once and that improves over time.

ESG recommends that organizations looking to buy storage perform their own TCO calculations before making buying decisions. ESG validated that the Pure Evergreen Storage Program reduces TCO, extends the storage lifecycle, and ensures the freshest technology when compared with traditional storage purchases.

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