SANS 2020 Top New Attacks Report

A SANS Whitepaper

Published June 2020


A Secure and Resilient Cybersecurity Infrastructure Is Key to Mitigating Cyber attacks.

As we have been reminded in 2020, standard hygienic practices are crucial to combating viruses like COVID-19. The same is true in cybersecurity, everyone must practice basic security hygiene to boost their defenses against cyberattacks. This includes having an accurate inventory of your software and hardware, patching quickly, and educating users about cyberattack tactics such as ransomware and phishing as well as the vulnerabilities associated with technologies such as smartphones and cloud services.

At the annual RSA Conference this year, SANS instructors presented on a panel discussing their analysis of new attack techniques currently in use and sharing their future projections. The SANS 2020 Top New Attacks and Threat Report summarizes the advice from the panel discussion, providing further insight into the emerging threats that security teams need to be on the lookout for in 2020 and beyond.

Points of discussion:

  • 2020 Breach and Threat Baseline Data
  • Advice from the SANS Threat Panel at RSA
  • Best Practices for Improving Defenses

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