IT modernization in uncertain times

Moving legacy apps to the cloud


As your business-critical systems get old, operating costs explode and the risk of breakdowns increases dramatically. You don’t want to break your mission-critical legacy applications running on SPARC, Alpha, VAX, or PA-RISC systems, but they create technology drag on your business. They get in the way of your digital transformation, suck up IT budgets, demand scarce skills, and chain you to ageing in-house infrastructure.

To win this race for modernization, companies must address the legacy apps holding them back. John Prot of Stromasys & Martin Bishop of AWS join The Register's own Tim Phillips to discuss a “lift and shift” solution to the cloud and how emulation can:

  • Lower operational cost & IT risk
  • Improve reliability, performance, & management
  • Offer agility and flexibility for the future
  • You’ll learn how this solution can be done remotely and in just a matter of days.

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