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Article - Multicloud Solutions

Published June 2020


At the foundational layer of modernisation lies the transition towards cloud. Use of cloud-based services has grown in such a gradual and disjointed way that it’s become the default for many organisations, yet there’s still a process of demystification and alignment required to capture their full value.

When we speak with organisations in the early phases of developing a cloud strategy, we usually start by asking ‘why do you want to move to the public cloud?’ Often, we find that they haven’t yet formed a compelling answer. They may say ‘it’s cheaper’ or ‘it’s faster’, but these remain untested assumptions, not guarantees. Discovering their ‘why’ requires an exploration of what vision they have for their organisation and what specific challenges the public cloud can help them to resolve.

What’s important to understand is that there’s no single blueprint architecture or solution that works for everyone. It needs a practical approach that’s customised to the nature of your organisation. The true value of cloud, as many organisations are finding, lies not in a single benefit, such as cost or performance, but in providing the foundation for an entirely new and flexible consumption model for IT, which enables faster time to market. It’s this level of flexibility that makes cloud an attractive prospect.

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