Your email encryption wake-up call

Make a secure digital transformation possible


Most businesses tell us that they think email encryption is a priority as part of their digital transformation and cloud migration. But not many of them use it consistently.

Employing encryption isn’t just about technology. It’s about knowing what you want to be able to share safely through email and how. It’s about integrating it with your work environment, and the way that everyone you communicate with works as well. And it’s about helping your users to realise the value of what it means.

So when you implement encryption, it has to be part of a bigger strategy, and it has to work seamlessly. It’s not just a security feature checkbox.

Join Jacob Ginsberg of Echoworx as he explains to Tim Phillips how vital email data protection is for the success of your digital transformation, and how to make sure that it’s not causing friction so that everyone benefits from using it.

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