Work from your phone

Making scalable mobile working easy

Published June 2020


With so many people now working away from the office, businesses are rapidly adapting to new ways of doing things. Throughout the UK, the number of people working from home recently increased from about 20% to around 49%. And while it may not have been plain sailing for everyone, employees are realising how effective remote working can be. What’s more, many are discovering that rather than requiring multiple devices, they have everything they need to work effectively in just a smartphone or a tablet.

But much of what’s been achieved so far has only been possible because IT teams were working furiously in the background, under increased pressured. Where do we go from here in terms of remote working and really maximising the benefits of mobility? With more people now choosing to work away from the office, how can you ensure employees have everything they need to stay productive, without overloading your IT department? Read this buyer’s guide to discover how to make remote working work for your entire business.

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