Achieving your financial services digital transformation

From existential threat to competitive advantage


It’s been a challenging decade in the financial services sector, to say the least. From the global financial crisis to environmental, social, and governance regulation, and a digital transformation on top. Now Covid-19 has provided the impetus to accelerate their digital transformation plans.

As offices emptied and market volatility made the next day -- never mind the next decade -- uncertain, which FS firms have the organizational agility to cope? And what are they doing that their competitors can’t (yet) do?

Join Ambrose Shannon from Accenture and Viren Patel from Workday as they explain the huge challenges for the FS sector (and how to solve them) to the Reg’s Tim Phillips. Tune in to discover:

  • How Covid-19 has accelerated the digital transformation journey
  • The existential risk if you hesitate or move too slowly
  • Which firms are thriving and what they do differently
  • Your roadmap for Covid and beyond

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