Microsoft Office 365 cyber hygiene

The lockdown that everyone can like


If you want the best Office 365 security compliance, you need to manage archiving, protect against data leaks, and defend against a wide variety of email security risks. And you need to do it everywhere, on every device, and all the time.

You might have been thinking about Office 365 cyber hygiene for your remote workers as a future project. Well, the future started in March 2020. Join J Peter Bruzzese of Mimecast as he talks to the Reg’s Tim Phillips about the Office 365 cyber equivalent of washing your hands and wearing a mask. Among the things we’ll be covering:

  • Protecting against phishing, impersonation and ransomware
  • Simplifying encryption
  • Data leak prevention
  • Secure archiving
  • And ensuring that your business keeps running even when there’s downtime

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