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Put microservices to work without security worries


Businesses are rightly attracted to the combination of DevOps, microservices and automation, because they can together deliver the ability to rapidly iterate applications and delight customers with new functions. Container based delivery model and RESTful services are the new norm. With faster release cycles and more independent teams there is an increase in friction in integration due to lack of machine-readable contracts. RPC based API protocols like gRPC provides an efficient alternative for some use cases. However, the binary protocol might create security blind spots. Organizations need to consider the security and automation imperatives as they adopt the new ways.

And that’s on top of the challenges that come with integrating the multiple technologies and toolsets that are inevitably involved in any project.

To explore how your organisation can derive the benefits of modern application with hybrid languages and toolsets without running into trouble, The Register’s APAC editor Simon Sharwood together with F5’s Ravi Vagadia and Shahnawaz Backer will cover topics including:

  • RESTful or gRPC the protocol to choose
  • Proxying gRPC for security visibility
  • Introduction to open source polyglot server NGINX unit

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