Busting the myths around cloud data protection

Find the savings and security you need when working remotely


Working remotely using cloud apps -- it’s the new normal, and it’s time to revisit data protection. You need to protect your business data when your users aren’t on-prem, and you need confidence you’ve got continuity if the worst happens.

How flexible and resilient is your data center backup and disaster recovery solution? Can you protect and manage your workloads, while ensuring security and compliance? SaaS data protection, done right, can offer reliability, flexibility, and cost savings.

But many of us still believe outdated myths about how to protect your data in the cloud. Hear Druva’s Chief Technologist, Stephen Manley myth-busting with Tim Phillips:

  • Myth 1: I have SaaS, so I don't need data protection and disaster recovery
  • Myth 2: Cloud backup is insecure
  • Myth 3: Cloud-based data protection is going to get expensive

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