Cloud-managed networks: Are they right for you?

A CommScope & OMDIA Webinar

Published August 2020

Network performance and security are the top concerns of network managers, but the dynamic and increasingly unpredictable nature of today’s networks is creating new blind spots and makes it harder and harder to deliver on this requirement.

With a cloud-based network management framework, administrators can manage and monitor their entire network—from network elements such as Wi-Fi access points and switches, to users, applications and client devices—with a single web portal. Managers can access this portal from anywhere, a crucial feature in a COVID-19 world.

Typically delivered as a SaaS subscription, cloud-managed network relieves IT managers from mundane tasks, such as provisioning new devices or updating software. The most advanced offerings incorporate machine learning and artificial intelligence to provide network visibility and insight, and to recommend steps for optimizing network performance.

Join this webinar to understand the pros and cons of cloud-based management, whether it is the right fit for your organization, and which features you should prioritize.

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