How HCI Elevates On-premises Environments and Can Drive Effective Multi-cloud Strategies

Research Exploring the Impact HCI Has on Cloud Consistency, Acceleration, and Efficiency

Published August 2020


Organizations are aggressively adopting a range of private and public cloud infrastructure solutions to respond to their evolving business needs and make the most of their digital assets. However, successful cloud adoption varies and the use of hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) has a correlation to the success of cloud initiatives.

This paper is intended to quantify this correlation and explain the likely causal factors.

  • HCI is driving real benefits for organizations; most often, users report faster service delivery (54%), faster infrastructure deployment (45%), and simplified management (43%).
  • Organizations using HCI reported 41% time savings when it comes to system deployment tasks, and 40% time savings in system management tasks compared with before HCI was in use.
  • Organizations extensively using HCI today are 6.7x more likely than organizations not using HCI to describe their hybrid cloud initiatives as very effective at driving value for their organizations.
  • Organizations extensively using HCI today are enjoying more success when it comes to cloud agility. Extensive users of HCI complete 36% more of their cloud projects ahead of schedule, relative to non-HCI users.
  • Organizations extensively using HCI are 5.5x more likely than those not using HCI to view the IT organization as a competitive differentiator.

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