Eliminate the cost and complexity of Kubernetes storage

At last, no more data silos


Imagine a world where your Kubernetes storage infrastructure delivers self-service for DevOps, simple to use and fully automated. It deploys in minutes with existing infrastructure, making data instantly available across on-premises and cloud at the same time. In this world, you can move live data between storage platforms without any outage to optimize against cost and performance.

If your data was abstracted from the infrastructure and virtualized, instantly available to any cloud or cluster, would that ease the throb in your temples? That’s what Hammerspace is claiming it can do, and as proof, it has promised us a live demo too. So join Douglas Fallstrom from Hammerspace and Edwin Thornhill from Veristor, as they explain to the Reg’s Tim Phillips how in a Kubernetes environment you can:

  • Instantly make data available across geo dispersed clusters
  • Create storage classes across clusters that automatically adjust to available resources
  • Automate on-demand live data mobility and load balancing

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