The Trusted Data Center: Best Practices and Business Results for Organizations Based in Europe

Insights from Dell Technologies and Intel Corporation’s Global Survey of Mid-Market IT Leaders in Europe

Published September 2020

  • Many mid-market organizations struggle to deliver the data center security and reliability demanded in this highly competitive segment of the market. Both line-of-business and IT stakeholders acknowledge room to improve:

  • 38% of line-of-business executives have serious concerns about IT’s security capabilities and controls. This is the most frequently cited issue line-of-business respondents have with IT.
  • 46% of IT practitioners feel they have a problematic cybersecurity skills shortage. This is the skills shortfall most frequently cited by IT respondents.
  • By prioritizing the security and dependability of their IT environments above all else, mid-market organizations with trusted data centers experience very real and quantifiable business and technology outcomes that give them the edge and agility to win in today’s highly competitive marketplace.

    Data center risk has the potential to hurt organizations relative to competitors:

  • Outages can disrupt customer service, leading to customer churn or negative reviews.
  • Downtime also has direct financial implications. ESG’s research shows the average hourly cost of downtime for surveyed firms in Europe is between €27,000 (median) and €33,000 (mean).
  • Compliance violations often have direct financial consequences. For example, a GDPR violation could result in a fine of up to 4% of an organization’s annual revenue.
  • This eBook is grounded in peer-based primary market research and is intended to highlight the behaviors and performance of organizations based in Europe that lead on the trust data center maturity model.

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