Infrastructure Monitoring 101 - The Power to Predict and Prevent

The ability to see what’s happening across an organization’s infrastructure helps teams to predict and prevent outages

Published September 2020


Customer experience — often the frontend of a mobile, web or business application — has become one of the most important metrics for success for global organizations. These experiences rely on layers of interconnected technologies that work together to deliver information, transactions and interactions to an end user. As the experiences grow in complexity, so does the technology.

Our apps and services are expected to work quickly and seamlessly on any number of devices, from different kinds of networks and in different locations around the globe. Supporting that kind of connected experience — one that is secure and personalized, constantly improving and with little-to-no downtime — requires many different interconnected technologies to function in concert, and that all (if any) issues or outages are resolved as soon as they arise. Each of these technology layers emit volumes of data that contain the information required to monitor, troubleshoot and ultimately improve those experiences.

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