The Essential Guide to Infrastructure Data


Published September 2020


It’s no secret that data remains underused and undervalued in most organizations all over the world. Despite the constant talk of data-driven decisions, organizations of all sizes are still missing the mark on how to effectively capture and use the troves of data being generated every day, whether it comes from users, outside industry resources, or their own networked devices. In fact, most business and IT decision makers estimate that 55% of their data is dark data, information you don’t know you have, or can’t fully tap.

This is a big missed opportunity. Important insights across IT, security and your organization lie hidden in this data. Data holds the definitive record of all activity and behavior of your customers and users, transactions, applications, servers, networks, mobile devices and more. Critical information on everything from configurations, APIs, message queues, diagnostic outputs, sensor data of industrial systems and more is all there — you just have to tap into it the right way.

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