The Intel® Optane™ Effect

Is it the cure for core inflation?


Whether you are running online commerce applications, developing and applying AI models or even developing a vaccine, you’re using more servers and their multi-core CPUs, and the amount of data to be processed keeps on rising.

Core inflation has now outstripped the ability of storage technology to deliver data fast enough to the processor. So how is this affecting the performance of your workloads? How can you balance the need for performance against the rising cost of DRAM and the performance limitations of NAND?

Alex Segeda from Intel and our own storage specialist Chis Mellor, who will demonstrate to The Reg’s Tim Phillips how this storage bottleneck constrains the performance of today’s servers, and how Intel’s Optane technology may be the cost-effective way to ease this constraint — making data centres more efficient, servers faster and, most important, your applications deliver results in less time. We’ll discuss:

  • How Optane provides faster storage
  • How Optane eliminates memory capacity limitations
  • How applications deliver faster results when they use Optane memory

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