6 Cloud Strategy Pitfalls and How to Avoid Them

The cloud’s greatest benefits can quickly become drawbacks without a strong cloud data strategy

Published September 2020


Organizations in virtually every industry are abandoning their legacy, on-premises data centers and moving workloads and data to the cloud. They are seeking to optimize costs and deliver new solutions to meet the rapidly evolving needs and expectations of employees and customers. To do so, organizations are building cloud strategies focused on modernizing their tech stacks through multi-cloud environments and cloudnative application adoption.

The benefits of the cloud can be far-reaching and significant. The cloud saves organizations money, improves and accelerates innovation, and makes them more agile in reacting to market trends and competitive pressures. Even well established organizations are becoming “digital first” — requiring them to make significant technology investments to meet customer expectations. It’s a necessity for survival in the hypercompetitive market of digital upstarts and economic volatility.

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