Gain Deeper Cloud Visibility And Make Data-Driven Decisions


Published September 2020


Picture this: The long-awaited overhaul of your application is finally launched when, almost immediately, errors start popping up on the dashboard you and the app business owner are monitoring. You have no idea what’s wrong.

It could be anything, from a networking issue, to a cyberattack, to a flaw in the application code. Fortunately, your Network, Development, and Security teams are already on the case, beginning to do some sleuthing from their shared portal, where they can examine a rich, unified data set that aggregates application telemetry from a number of sources. That data and associated application insights make it clear where the problem lies, and they quickly diagnose and fix it. Thirty minutes have elapsed, your app is operating smoothly, the business owner is loving it, and most stunning of all—no one from DevOps, NetOps, or SecOps pointed a blame-filled finger.

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