Komprise: Unstructured Data Management

A GigaOm Key Criteria Report

Published September 2020


Komprise is a compelling data management platform that boasts an analytics-focused approach, ease of management, and transparent data movement technology to enable a very quick return on investment (ROI) and improved total cost of ownership (TCO) for the entire file storage infrastructure. Initially aimed at some of the biggest pain points in large-scale file storage infrastructures, the Komprise solution has evolved and is now able to provide enhanced data analytics, search, and tagging, as well as build virtual data lakes.

Understanding what is stored in the storage infrastructure, especially in large ones, helps drive informed decision making and planning around data protection and placement. In this regard, Komprise offers the ability to define automation policies and move data (archive, migrate, replicate) seamlessly across different storage tiers, including file and object storage targets, enabling the user to offload data from primary storage while keeping processes and user experience intact. By operating in this way, the user can save money on primary and expensive data storage and have better control over data and protection policies while keeping an eye on data growth and access pattern trends.

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