Has Recent Rapid Cloud Adoption Increased Your Threat Risk?

Cybersecurity Best Practices for Business Resilience

Published September 2020


It is through this period of disruption that businesses' priorities change & IT leadership has to evolve and adapt to support their businesses in order to find success at this difficult time. We have seen a rapid adoption of cloud services to enable businesses to continue to function and importantly change their business models to succeed.

Remote working is not new, but the scale of it has shifted considerably. As such, the risk profile associated with our remote working changes, and the focus that we need to put on securing the technologies used by the employees increases.

It’s time to embrace cloud capabilities that can help businesses address speed to market through agility, lower TCO and an increased security posture. Now is the time to look at using technology intelligently in order to help our economy and way of life recover, but it needs to be done securely.

Presenters: Matthieu Rider, Director of Sales Engineering, Rapid7 & Christopher Hertz, VP Cloud Security Sales, Rapid7

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