How I’d attack you in 2020

(And how you can defend it)


Because of the chaos of 2020, cyber-crime has flourished, with hackers looking to take advantage of news trends and new working habits. Suddenly the attack surface is bigger, and exploits have evolved. The email realm has been a focal point for attackers, with criminals disguising phishing, spear-phishing and whaling attacks behind enticing subject lines and hot off-the-press headlines. Wildfires, global pandemics, local relief support schemes, financial crisis; 2020 has been a hallmark year featuring a tide of innovation among email attacker techniques.

You want to think like an attacker, but that’s easier said than done, so we’re going to help you. Dan Fein and Mariana Pereira of cyber defence specialists at Darktrace are going to show the Reg’s Tim Phillips how they would plan an attack in 2020, and how they (and we) use that information to improve the way you can defend against it.

They will explain:

  • Reconnaissance: email, social media, and implicit profiling
  • How we’d attack you leveraging fearware and payloadless emails
  • The defensive techniques that can save you

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