Fortune Global 500 Leader Schneider Electric Moves to the Cloud with Cohesity

Case study

Published October 2020


Schneider Electric is the Fortune Global 500 leader in power management, providing integrated efficiency solutions combining energy, automation, and software in more than 100 countries worldwide.

As a company, Schneider is familiar with success in reinvention, and the IT mission is no different. The IT team had specific goals and objectives to not only make strategic capital investments for its backup environment, but to evolve its platform and infrastructure to a virtual environment.

Energy & Sustainability Services has 28 sites globally with six data hubs. Gary Jackson, Global IT Leader, was tasked to determine a new backup solution to move away from tape and to bring all global offices under a modern data management platform. Schneider had already begun to consolidate infrastructure for both hardware and software, and now needed to overhaul its operations and resolve issues with long backup times, as well as hurdles with data protection and recovery, which depleted a great amount of employee resources. The company had virtualized 90 percent of its environment, but was using a solution for backups that was not made for virtualization, creating more frequent and complex challenges.

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