TEC Eurolab Doubles Productivity with Data Management Solution from Cohesity and HPE

Case study

Published October 2020


Founded in 1990, TEC Eurolab is a private corporation based in the province of Modena, Italy. TEC Eurolab is a center of technical expertise and laboratory testing with a mission to improve the reliability of chemical, mechanical, and structural properties of products for its customers, and to provide specialized support and knowledge of materials, processes and industry standards. TEC Eurolab customers span multiple industries, with emphasis on aerospace and defense, automotive and racing, manufacturing, and biomedical industries.

TEC Eurolab conducts additive manufacturing and materials testing in its Tomographic Center, using state-of-the-art Computed Tomography (CT) technology to virtualize 3D images of tested components for a variety of industries. The Tomographic Center works with an impressive list of customers, including leading additive manufacturing producers and some of the largest aeronautical manufacturers in the world.

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