17 August - 7 September 2022

Supermicro Open Storage Summit 2022

New innovations for storage performance


Businesses continue to accumulate and leverage ever larger amounts of data, leading to unprecedented demand for storage, both in terms of capacity and performance, a trend which has only been exacerbated by the pandemic situation of recent years. From big data to AI, cloud-based storage and decentralized workforces, enterprises are turning to new and disruptive technologies to help optimize their data use and maximize return on IT investments.

In response, many of the industry’s leading innovators are developing new solutions to solve complex storage challenges, from ultra-high performance all-flash hot-tier and large scale object storage to new storage media and innovative software-defined solutions. The result is smarter, faster, highly available, and more efficient use of and access to data, when and where it’s needed.

Supermicro’s third annual Open Storage Summit will bring together storage technology and data center application professionals from across the storage spectrum to discuss the challenges facing the industry and the disruptive new technologies shaping the future of enterprise, data center, and hybrid cloud storage.

This year’s Summit will comprise a roundtable keynote session and five spotlight sessions, with guests including speakers from Intel®, AMD, NVIDIA, Broadcom, Kioxia, and Solidigm as well as Supermicro’s software partners.

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Summit Sessions